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Left Standing can write the hell out of a pop hook. All over the quintet’s latest full-length CD, "The Sacred Sessions", with infectious sing-along choruses, soaring guitar melodies and fist-pumping rhythms ensure listeners won’t be shaking these songs from their heads for days

Listening to songs such as the heart-on-sleeve ballad “Standing Still,” the righteous “SOCO” and the song about growing up, "21", gives listeners a good mix of tunes that just wont let you eject it... Left Standing’s songs feel familiar from the first listen because the songwriting is so good, but with radio-ready fare like “Communication” balanced with hard-charging numbers such as opening track “Sacred,” it doesn’t really matter: Left Standing will have you shouting along to the high heavens before you even have a chance to question why or how...\m/






Thanx for stoppin by. Cruise through the songs on the player, there are some free ones. Come back often, everyones doin it!!







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